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Scholarship Program

About the Scholarship:

The Lweza Primary School Scholarship was started in 2015 to recognize the outstanding achievement of its students and to promote further education. Every year, the top two students, one male and one female, will receive a scholarship that will pay for the next four years of tuition at a secondary school of his or her choice. With this scholarship, we hope that Lweza's most dedicated students can continue their education without the constraints of economic barrier. 

Requirements for the Scholarship:

1. The student must be the highest scoring male or highest scoring

    female at Lweza Primary school on the national standardized

    examination for Uganda in 2015.

2. The student must have grown up or resided in Lweza their entire

    lives and must have attended all years at Lweza Primary School.

3. The student must maintain academic success in secondary school

    to receive funding for all four years. 

4. The student must use the funds for tuition only. To ensure this,

    tuition will be paid directly to the school. 


In the event that the scores in each category (math, science, social studies, and English) are identical, multiple students will receive funding.

Current Scholarship Recipients:

The female students received identical scores on their exams, so three students will be receiving the scholarship for this year!

The scholarship recipients for 2015 are Thomas Lubulwa, Edith Bendaboka, and Fatuma Mutesi

Thomas Lubulwa

Edith Bendaboka

Fatuma Mutesi

Meet Thomas

Meet Edith

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