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Clean Water

Partnership with Engineers Without Boarders 

     In Lweza, many of the water sources used by residents are contaminated with bacteria that can be dangerous. Village Health Project has reached out to the student organization Engineers Without Borders (EWB) to form a partnership in attempts to bring clean water to Lweza. EWB is currently working on a design to accomplish that.

     The design involves using a borehole that is drilled deep into the earth where ground water lies. A pump will be inserted into the borehole in order to retrieve the water. The water is then going to be piped from the borehole down to a 60,000 liter concrete storage tank. The tank will have a tap on it that the people of Lweza can access to get the clean, uncontaminated water.

     In addition to installing the water system, EWB will be working to educate locals on the importance of storing water in clean containers, how chlorine effects water, and the importance of sanitation. EWB will also teach residents how to use and care for the pump in order to ensure that the pump is effectively collecting water. Currently, EWB refining its design and working towards its implementation trip which is tentatively scheduled for the winter of 2016.


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